Hussain al Nowais

A Global industrialist, business strategist and savvy investor, Hussain al Nowais has over 25 years of combined experience in various countries and across multiple sectors including banking and financial services, investments, heavy industries, petrochemicals, energy, infrastructure, construction, hospitality and real estate. Born and raised in Abu Dhabi, UAE, by a self-made businessman father, he began his career as an entrepreneur establishing his first company in 1979.

Hussain al Nowais received his B.S. in finance from Lewis & Clark College, Portland, Oregon and has attended Executive Management courses at INSEAD-France and London Business School. Mr. Al Nowais has been very active in the World Economic Forum since its inception.Today, Hussain al Nowais lives in his homeland, Abu Dhabi, and is married with two sons and a daughter.

Becoming a “global industrialist” isn’t something that occurs overnight. In fact, Hussain al Nowais has been hard at work since the late 1970s adding to his skills and portfolio. Making such progress possible is the fact that he’s taken to heart the advice of everyone from his entrepreneur father to college instructors to worldwide heads of industry. This approach has allowed him to collect a wealth of knowledge and direct these lessons into his own entrepreneurial ventures. Hussain al Nowais suggests visitors to this site who are looking to learn more about him consider doing the same with their mentors.

The projects in heavy industries, infrastructure and construction are examples of converging fields for Hussain al Nowais. This convergence allows him to play on different skill sets while contributing to a singular goal. The National Petroleum Construction Company is one player in heavy industry that he has worked with and when this firm wants to expand, he can call on construction experience to help guide projects. Since this work can also be summarized as “infrastructure,” Hussain al Nowais can now tell prospective business partners about his extensive work in that sector, too. Hospitality and real estate have also proved to be two other industries where Hussain al Nowais’ skills are a natural fit. Many companies in hospitality and real estate are small to medium-sized so the Khalifa Fund, an Abu Dhabi-based government organization, has been beneficial for Hussain al Nowais. That’s because he’s the leader of the group and is able to provide direction and resources to partner firms.